Master TR-NQF-HE: Level 7 QF-EHEA: Second Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 7


1) Successful students who have completed at least one semester, excluding scientific preparation, in a graduate program of an institute at the university or in another higher education institution, can apply to graduate programs through horizontal transfer.

(2) Those who want to transfer from one of the institutes affiliated to another university from a program similar to an institute of the university and whose equivalence has been approved by the relevant board, in order to be accepted to the institute, they have completed at least one semester of graduate education in the institute where the student first entered, and have been successful in all of the courses they have taken. and must have fulfilled the student admission requirements for the graduate programs they wish to transfer to. Those who continue to the master's program without thesis can apply to the master's program with thesis, provided that they fulfill the minimum requirements for the master's program with thesis, if they are included in the quota determined in the application, they are entitled to enroll in the thesis master's program. In this case, the courses taken in the non-thesis master's program can be substituted for the courses in the thesis master's program with the decision of the institute board of directors.

(3) The same conditions are sought for lateral transfers between the institutes and departments of the university and between the thesis and non-thesis master's programs.

(4) Which of the courses taken by these students will be counted towards the relevant graduate program is determined by the recommendation of the relevant department head and the decision of the institute board of directors. The evaluations on the equivalence of the courses that these students have taken and succeeded in the programs are made by a committee appointed by the head of the relevant department.